This quick release knot is fast and easy to tie but it can easily be untied in case of an emergency. Horses spook or do something silly and then panic while being tied. When tying horses or ponies, quick release knots are always the go-to for safely tying. Horses should be secured at the withers level or higher to a strong fixed object.

I always like to have a hay string to tie to just in case the horse were to pull back (1). This is an added safety precaution. That way the animal wouldn’t harm himself or break what they were tied to.

The lead rope should have enough slack for the horse to hold it’s head level but not lower it to the ground. Begin by passing the lead rope through the hay string loop (2), cross over the horse end (3), and then behind both strands (4). Pass a loop through the loop on the right side (5). Secure and tighten the finished knot (6).

Ashley Best, Newton County Extension Coordinator