1. Slip the halter over the nose of the horse.
  2. Pull the rope end over the horse’s poll and behind the ears.
  3. Pull rope end through the loophole.
  4. Pull the rope snug to fit the halter to the horse. Make sure horse can still move jaw comfortably.
  5. With the end of the rope through the loophole being held in your right hand, place your left thumb on the loophole.
  6. Run the tail end behind the loop towards your horse’s eye. Make sure the end of the rope is BELOW the loop. If the knot is above the loop, you may not be able to untie it especially if the horse sets back.
  7. Take the end of the rope and run it through the new loop you have created. Pull the tail through towards your horse’s rump and away from the eye.
  8. Admire your properly tied rope halter.

Ashley Best, Newton County Extension Coordinator