The performance of your tack is just as important as the performance of your horse. When choosing tack, consider the comfort of the horse first, then the durability, and finally the maintenance. Mohair is the natural hair fiber from the Angora Goat. It is highly sought after in the equine industry for cinches, breast collars and other tack due to its many benefits including:

  • All Natural Renewable Fibers
  • Soft and comfortable, yet extremely durable
  • Little to no shrinkage since it is hair fiber (unlike wool or cotton)
  • Relatively easy to clean and maintain
  • Excellent at wicking moisture and keeping the horse cool
  • Comes in many different vibrant colors

Mohair Care Tips

  • Mohair only needs cleaning if extremely dirty. Over washing will result in fading of colors or felting. Felting will happen over time and does not impair the functionality.
  • DO NOT put mohair in washing machine or dryer.
  • Horse hair will embed on the backside. This is normal and will add to the comfort and durability for the horse.
  • Mohair should be stored in a dry place away
    from rats and or insects.
  • Avoid spraying with fly spray or other chemicals.
    Photo from The Back Tack, Josh’s Mohair

Cleaning Mohair

If your mohair is extremely dirty, fill a bucket with cool water and about 2-3 tablespoons of a mild detergent like Woolite. You can even use a gentle horse safe shampoo. Mohair will shrink with hot water. Agitate it by hand to loosen the dirt. Let it soak up to 30 mins and rinse with cool water until it is no longer soapy. Lay flat to dry on a towel but not in direct sunlight as it might cause fading. If horse hair is still on the back side of the fibers, it is just added strength. Be careful not to rub the front too much as it will cause felting and blur clean lines.

Ashley Best, Newton County Extension Coordinator & Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent